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Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: How to Beat the Owl Boss


Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: How to Beat the Owl Boss

How to Beat the Owl Boss in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch is one tough game, with serious platforming challenges and demanding bosses. Each boss has particular patterns you need to learn and take advantage of, including the second one of the game, the owl boss on Mountaintop Tussle. The giant owl can be a bit tricky to take down if you don’t know what to do, but we’ll help guide you through the battle so you can keep your Kong adventure going.

First off, make sure you grab the helper barrel at the beginning of the level, and choose either Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong, as their aerial abilities will help you dodge attacks. Like most bosses in Tropical Freeze, the owl boss has three different phases. The first phase is easy, as the owl only has a few attacks. The first attack shoots arrows out in a pattern, so must make sure you move into the spaces between feathers to dodge them. Its second attack launches owl chicks down onto the ground, and what you’ll want to do is jump on them to flip the chicks over. After that, grab the chick with ZL or ZR. You can either jump on the platforms on the left or right then, throw the chick at the boss, or wait until its third attack where it swoops across the ground with its claws. If you need to dodge that third attack, just crouch down on the ground. A fourth attack has the boss launching ice balls that slowly roll forward, so simply jump over them and dodge. Repeat throwing chicks at the boss until you reach the next phase, and shoot up onto a new level.

Now the boss has a new attack where he flaps his wings and creates a windstorm. Chicks will float by on the wind, so make sure you jump on top of the ones with eggshells on their heads to flip them over. Now, again, you have two options, you can pick up the chicks and then jump on the three without eggshells to boost yourself up and throw them at the boss, or you can wait until he stops the windstorm and does his next attack to throw it. Like before, the boss’ claws will shine and then he’ll swoop down across the stage, so throw a chick then. A third attack has him shoot feathers straight down across the stage, so when this attack happens, you need to run to the opposite side from where he starts and jump into the barrel to dodge the feathers. Continue to dodge attacks and throw chicks until, again, the boss flies up and you jump into a barrel to change the stage.

The third and final phase has similar attacks to the previous ones. Again, the boss will launch ice balls, so make sure to dodge those, and its feather attack is a little different now. It shoots out waves of feathers forward that are grouped close together, to run under the ones that shoot further and run in front of the ones that shoot closer. The newest attack for the owl boss has him flying to the back of the stage and launching waves of horned owls that land on the stage. Run into the gaps between their formations to dodge and wait for the chicks with eggshells on their heads to again jump on and flip over. Once again, the owl boss has an attack where his claws flash and he’ll rake the level, so take advantage of the attacks startup to hit him with a chick. The boss has another attack that drops giant eggs from the sky that shatter and launch owls out. At the end of the attack, the boss himself will come crashing down onto the ground, giving you a chance to jump on his head. Attack him during this attack, and throw chicks at him like before, and you’ll finally take down the feathered fiend.

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