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Detroit Become Human: How to Find Jericho (Connor)


Detroit Become Human: How to Find Jericho (Connor)

How to Find Jericho as Connor in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human takes quite the thrilling turn as you play as Connor and need to find Jericho to launch an assault on Markus and the deviants. As with most situations in Detroit Become Human, you’ll be able to branch through different paths to make sure Connor ends up at Jericho.

The easiest way is when you visit Kamski in Detroit Become Human. When he asks you to shoot Chloe as part of his test, shoot her. Then, when he allows you to ask a question, ask about Jericho. He’ll allow you to connect with a Chloe and get the key to it. Easy!

Here’s another way you might get the address for Jericho in Detroit Become Human, though.

Eventually, Connor could find himself in the evidence locker of the police station despite having been taken off the Deviants case. The fruits of your labor in past chapters will be shown here, because you’ll have a slew of evidence to work with in order to figure out where the android hideout is. I’ll go over how I was able to get the address to the Jericho hideout from this point.

I had evidence of Markus’ speech, seen on an iPad looking device. I watched that, first and foremost. Next, I reactivated the android all the way to the right-hand side which for me was the one that I interrogated in the Cyberlife Tower. He tried running and we had to shoot him to stop him. As a result of his injuries, he cannot see. I assume that had I done things differently, this android would be replaced by Simon.

Anyway, you have to reactivate that guy and talk to him. You can try to trick him, but he won’t believe you. So, what you need to do is trick him. Head back to the speech iPad and copy his voice from that. Then, talk to the android using Markus’ voice and – because he’s an idiot – he’ll give you the address. Even though Markus should very well know that information already.

But, whatever, worked out for Connor in the end! That’s all there is to finding Jericho. If you need more help with Detroit Become Human, let us know in the comments down below! Alternatively, check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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