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Dauntless: How to Sheath Your Weapon


Dauntless: How to Sheath Your Weapon

How to Sheath Your Weapon in Dauntless

Dauntless is now in open beta and prospective slayers on PC can now enter the game for free to give it a go and see if they enjoy hunting down the game’s behemoth enemies. If you’re familiar with games like Monster Hunter, you have a pretty good handle on how Dauntless works as well.

Matches in Dauntless comprise of two stages: hunting your mark, and then killing it. When tracking down a behemoth, you’re going to want to move quickly as you do have a time limit to complete missions. You can sprint using the left shift button, and when your weapon is sheathed, you can sprint for as long as you want.

If your weapon is unsheathed though, you’ll drain stamina and will eventually be unable to sprint.

So to prevent running out of stamina you’ll want to sheath your weapon when out of combat. To do so, press the X key. This will sheath your weapon allowing you to sprint as much as you want. Simply attack or press X again to unsheath and return to combat.

That does it for how to sheath in Dauntless! Best of luck out there slayers,

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