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Cliff Bleszinski Announces Shutdown of Boss Key Productions

Radical Heights

Cliff Bleszinski Announces Shutdown of Boss Key Productions

Cliff Bleszinski, CEO of Boss Key Productions, has released a statement announcing that the studio is, as of today, no more. The news comes by way of a tweet from Bleszinski’s personal account, where he ran down some of the reasons behind the studio’s closure and his thoughts on some of the issues that ended up plaguing their creations.

Bleszinski, of Gears of War fame, stated that LawBreakers had ultimately “failed to gain traction” and opined that Radical Heights had launched “too little too late,” which isn’t an incorrect observation, especially as the genre has been swallowed up by giants such as PUBG and Fortnite in the last few months. Radical Heights felt a bit unfinished when it made its debut, which ultimately helped to contribute to some of the dissatisfaction players felt for the game, and it seemed just like the “last ditch attempt” Bleszinski describes it as in his statement.

Boss Key Productions was originally founded in April 2014 by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee, and the studio spawned the hero-based shooter LawBreakers just lasr year. Ultimately the game was shuttered after failing to gain traction, and then Brussee himself left the company in December 2017 to go back to Epic Games, where he worked on what became one of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite.

It’s unclear what’s next for Bleszinski as he’s taking some time out to reflect and spend time with his family, friends, and loved ones, but whatever does happen in his next venture, it’s certain he’ll come back swinging at some point.

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