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Suda51 Talks Travis Touchdown in Smash, Which Series He Wants to Takeover, & What Game of His He’d Revive

New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Suda51 Talks Travis Touchdown in Smash, Which Series He Wants to Takeover, & What Game of His He’d Revive

We recently got to play Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes at PAX East, and afterwards spoke with series creator Goichi “Suda51” Suda about the project. Definitely give our full impressions of the demo a read, but overall we were very impressed with the game’s concept and are looking forward to more.

We didn’t want to let Suda51 off the hook though with getting his thoughts on a few other burning topics. First of course, was his thoughts on Travis Touchdown appearing in the next Smash Bros. game. Until Nintendo confirms a roster, everyone from Goku to Batman is on the table, and considering No More Heroes is primarily a Nintendo series, the hero Travis Touchdown makes just as much, if not more sense than some of the other fighters getting tossed around.

So would Suda51 support Travis Touchdown’s inclusion in Smash if asked? In short, yes! He was being interpreted by a translator, but when he was asked the question, you could see his face light up in excitement and said that he would have no reason to refuse that offer if he received it.

Moving on, we asked him about what series he would take over if he could. His games often have a certain flair that is unique to him. So giving him the reigns of a popular franchise could produce something very fun if it ever happened. When asked, Suda51 was left in deep thought. Commenting that it was a very hard question and wanted to know if he could really pick any or if it had to restricted to a Nintendo franchise. Ultimately, he picked a Nintendo franchise anyway. He said that he would love to have a chance to make a Legend of Zelda game, but with the game taking place in the modern world and featuring Link having to fight his way through said modern world.

Finally, we asked him about what game from his past he would revive if given the chance. Surprisingly, he chose Michigan: Report from Hell, saying that he really wants to bring that back somehow. He’s not sure how yet, but believes the game really has potential and he would love for Americans, who missed out on it, to be able to play it.


Fans: start writing your local Nintendo representatives and make all of the above happen.

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