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How to Beat Granny (How to Escape Granny & Win the Game)


How to Beat Granny (How to Escape Granny & Win the Game)

How to Beat Granny the Game

Granny is the cult horror mobile game hit which tasks players with escaping a house after being imprisoned by a seriously spooky Grandma. You have five days to escape, and must do so quietly, as this Granny has super-human hearing. By hiding under beds and sneaking around, escape is possible, here’s how to beat the game.

You’ll start the game by waking up on the floor of the house, before being sent to complete a series of tasks to get out of the house. You’re aiming to deactivate the alarm on the door and then unbolt it, easier said than done. Remember that you can run and hide if spotted by Granny.

In order to escape and beat Granny, you’ll need to collect the following objects:

  • Cutting Pliers
  • Padlock Key (Blue)
  • Hammer
  • Cog Wheel
  • Winch Handle
  • Alarm Code
  • Screwdriver
  • Safe Key (Gold)
  • Master Key (Red)
  • Weapons Key (Wooden)
  • Playhouse Key

Problem is, all of the items are found in different places at different times and can only be held and used one at a time. You’re going to need to use them in the order they’re listed above, here’s how.

  • Firstly, use the cutting pliers on the door to make both lights displayed turn green. Next, you need to use them to cut wires in the circuit box found on the basement wall.
  • Keep a note as to where you leave the pliers, as they may need to be used to cut the wires on the fan in the jail cell in order to find one of the objects. It’s worth checking this location before moving on.
  • Next up, you need to search the house for a blue key. Once located, it should be used on the padlock on the front door.
  • Looking at the bottom of the door, you’ll notice a wooden barrier blocking it. Find a hammer and hit both ends to remove it.
  • There is a machine located in Granny’s playhouse in the yard which must be activated next. To do so, find the cog wheel item and use it to unlock the space behind the machine. You’ll also need to find the right key to open it.
  • Find the winch handle and use it on the well in the garden. This will raise a bucket containing an item or key.
  • To unlock the top lock on the main door, you’re going to need the alarm code, which is written on a yellow slip of paper found somewhere in the area.
  • At some point, you’ll find a melon. This needs to be sliced open using the guillotine located in the yard, it’ll contain a key.
  • There’s a secret compartment on the side of one of the sets of stairs in Granny’s Basement that needs to be checked. To open it, you’ll need a screwdriver.
  • There’s a gold key which unlocks the safe in the basement, be sure to check it.
  • A helpful way to make the game a little easier is to find the wooden key. This can be used to unlock the weapons locker and grab a tranquilizer to use on Granny, buying you some time if found.
  • All that’s left is to find the red master key which will allow you to open the main door and escape to beat the game.

Complete all of these steps and you’re free! You just beat Granny!! Half of the fun is going back in and finding the objects in their new locations but everything you need to progress should be easily found using this guide. If you need any other help with the game, leave us a comment down below.

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