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God of War: How to Unlock Realms


God of War: How to Unlock Realms

How to Unlock Realms in God of War

Do be warned that we’ll be talking about some minor progression spoilers regarding exploration areas in God of War. If you don’t wish to know about the realms you can visit during the story, don’t read on.

The latest entry in the God of War series tosses you into the lands of Midgard and its surrounding realms. However, the nice thing is that Midgard isn’t really the only exploration area you’re limited to.

After finishing the tutorial and reaching Tyr’s Tower in God of War, you’ll soon unlock the ability to travel between realms. Midgard serves as the main area in the game, and it’s where you’ll spend the bulk of your time. The other areas provide a nice change of scenery, but they aren’t quite as large as Midgard itself. Listed below are the realms that you’ll be visiting along the way.

Optional and unlockable:

  • Muspelheim
  • Niflheim


  • Alfheim
  • Helheim
  • Jotunheim

The optional areas are unlocked by finding language ciphers scattered around the world. For instance, once you find four Niflheim ciphers, you’ll be able to travel there from Tyr’s Tower. The rest of the realms such as Asgard are locked and cannot be accessed in the story, and from what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem like they’re unlocked via ciphers either. It’s entirely possible that players will get to visit them in potential story expansions, but there’s no word on that just yet.

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