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God of War: Is it Exclusive to PS4?


God of War: Is it Exclusive to PS4?

Is God of War Exclusive to PS4?

God of War is finally back, and it’s time to take Kratos on a whole new adventure. This time, he’s pissing off Nordic Gods with the help of a little boy. What a rag tag team, huh? No doubt that it’s one of the best games of the year, but many of you are wondering, “Am I out of luck without a PS4?” It’s perfectly feasible to be questioning whether the game is a PS4 exclusive.

Bad news for anyone without a PlayStation 4, though; God of War is definitely an exclusive. You won’t be able to even play it on PC, let alone on an Xbox One. And, no, you also won’t be able to play it on PS3. It is a true, pure exclusive to Sony’s latest console, being one of Sony’s long-running franchises. Kratos is practically a mascot for the company by now.

Sad news, but maybe you’ll be able to pick a console up yourself and experience a ton of other games you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise? Either way, we hope this helped you out, and if you have any other questions about God of War, leave a comment below or check out our wiki for the game!

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