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God of War: How to Find and Solve All Treasure Maps


God of War: How to Find and Solve All Treasure Maps

God of War: How to Find & Solve All Treasure Maps

Despite mostly being a linear, narrative-focused experience, God of War is filled with loads of extra stuff to do. From side-quests to mini-dungeons, there’s plenty to keep you busy. One of the optional side-activities is that of Treasure Maps. These maps are found scattered throughout the world and give clues to where buried treasure is hiding. The rewards are definitely worth your time so if you’re a little bit stumped on where to find each one while playing God of War, we’ve got you covered.

Creation Island

This Treasure Map is found in the Iron Cove area of God of War. The Iron Cove is found in the south-western section of the Lake of Nine. Head to the beach located to the south of the Iron Cove, look for a stacked set of barrels, the map is on the ground just in front of them.

The actual treasure is located in Buri’s Storeroom. This can be found over on the east side of the island, hidden in some rocks overlooking the beach.

Dead and Bloated

As part of Brok’s first side-quest, you’re going to head into the Volunder Mines. The map is located within, just after leaving the first chamber and to the right. Head along this path and you’ll see a chain. Climb down it and you’ll see the map sitting by a red chest.

To pick up the treasure, go to the Cliffs of the Raven, and look for the body of a giant. There’s a pile of rocks next to the giant where the treasure is buried.

Don’t Blink

As part of the first side quest you are given by Sidri, you will be asked to head to Fafnir’s workshop. This is found by heading through the Forgotten Caverns and into Fafnir’s vault. A dead knight is lying by the large alter inside, he’s holding the map.

Once you have the map you just need to climb up to the giant stone face in the tall mountain that you visited as part of the main story. You’ll have to have obtained the light of Alfheim in order to reach it. Once you have climbed up into the face, don’t head through the door. Instead face outwards, overlooking the valley and follow the snow path left, which curls around the mountain. The treasure is buried on this path.

Finder’s Fee

While in the Forgotten Caverns, look for the Mystic Gateway. There’s a nearby cave which houses the Treasure Map. It’s lying on the ground next to a chest towards the back.

To the very north of the Lake of Nine is the Northri Stronghold, go there. By the boat dock you will see two giant doors with a platform between them, you can climb up the side of this small platform to reach the dig site.

Hunter’s Kingdom

There is a boat dock called the Lookout Tower towards the south-eastern part of the Lake of Nine. Head there and dock your boat. Walk along the beach and you’ll find a scroll on the sand.

In Veithurgard, just after you fight the dragon, there is a door sealed by four rune locks. To the left of the door is a lore marker, with the treasure buried right in front of it.

Island of Light

This treasure map is situated in the area you warp into when travelling to the Stone Falls Mystic Gateway, just next to your boat.

The treasure can be found within the Light Elf Outpost. Make your way to the top of the island, then climb down the two chains to reach a gate. To the left of the climbing chain is the treasure.

Kneel Before Thor

As part of the Dwarven Favor ‘Deus Ex Malachite’ you’ll head over to the Landsuther Mines. You’re aiming for the basement of the mine, once you’re there, look for a lift you can jump onto. Up in a gap in the wall is the map next to a chest.

This one’s easy, located at the base of the giant Thor statue, next to his right foot.

Njord’s Oarsman

Head over to the Nothri Stronghold at the North of the Lake of Nine. Find the giant boat and enter the small opening underneath it. Here you’ll find a dead soldier with the map lying next to him.

To find the treasure you need to warp to the Stone Falls Mystic Gateway. From here move up the side of the mountain until you find a ledge you can shimmy across. Climb up the first ledge then head for the tunnel on the right. The treasure is in there.

The Boat Captain’s Key

Travel to Stone Falls, the giant waterfall located to the east of the Lake of Nine. The map is located on the ground as you dock your boat.

This treasure is located on the island to the south-west of Tyr’s temple. At the top of the island you’ll find a huge shipwreck, with the treasure buried within.

The Historian

Head for the boat dock by the Ruin of Ancients. The map is located on the beach you arrive at, inside the arena.

This treasure is in the area just before you enter Fafnir’s Storeroom. In the woodland area before the Storeroom, you’ll find a door with two wooden rams beside it, the treasure is buried just below the left one.

The Last Place They’d Look

At the summit of the first mountain, head down to the area with Sidri’s shop in it. Look for a pathway lined with red crystals, there is a hut housing the Treasure Map.

This treasure is in the Council of the Valkyries. You can warp to the Mystic Gateway and look for the throne. To the left of the throne is the treasure.

The Turtle’s Tribute

This map is located in the lower level of the Witch’s Cave. There’s a hidden chamber entrance blocked by red sap, use Atreus to clear it. Inside you’ll find the Treasure Map.

The treasure is very close by this time. Head over to the elevator in the Witch’s Cave and destroy the red sap behind it. This will open a path to the Witch’s garden from the start of God of War. Next to the giant turtle’s head, near the house is a stone where the treasure is buried.

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