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Frostpunk: How to Raise Hope


Frostpunk: How to Raise Hope

How to Raise Hope in Frostpunk

Frostpunk is no joke! You’re going to be dealing with some heavy themes in a really difficult game. As the leader of the new city, you need to make the tough calls that will often leave your citizens battered emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here’s how to raise hope, though, and keep the dreams of survival alive.

Hope is very important because like discontent, if it drops too low, you’re in trouble. You will be banished if you can’t keep your people’s hope alive, and you’ll see an increase in bad situations to make your life tougher. So, to start, here’s a quick list of all the ways you can raise it up:

  • Accomplish requests on time.
  • Choose options during events that raise hope.
  • Shrines
  • Churches
  • Temples
  • Enact the Moonshine law.
  • Enact Prosthesis law.
  • Care House law
  • Use sermons and evening prayers within churches.

Don’t choose any laws that drop hope if you don’t want to lose it. Don’t let your generator turn off and freeze up the whole place, either. This is a huge blow to your city’s sanity in general.

That’s all there is to raising hope in Frostpunk! For more help with the game, let us know in the comments below.

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