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FIFA 18: When World Cup Mode Releases


FIFA 18: When World Cup Mode Releases

When World Cup Mode Releases in FIFA 18

With the end of the European domestic seasons approaching quickly, the 2018 World Cup will be here in no time. As has been the case for the last few competitions, EA Sports’ FIFA 18 game will likely celebrate it in one way or another, with one of those being a World Cup mode.

In 2014, when the tournament took place in Brazil, EA released a standalone game and an additional Ultimate Team mode. The standalone game was mainly the head-to-head modes, standard kick-off, and tournament modes, all of which were geared around national teams and the World Cup. The Ultimate Team mode was a free add-on to the base game and saw you build your squad with unique World Cup player items and play others in a World Cup style tournament. Also, for every pack you opened, you were given a free pack for the base Ultimate Team mode.

EA Sports has now confirmed that the World Cup mode will be coming as a free update on May 29. On top of being able to play as any national team in the offline modes, Ultimate Team will be receiving an update.

“FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team has versions of Single Player Draft, Online Draft, and Squad Building Challenges, as well as Single Player and Online Tournament modes that let you play through realistic brackets with your squad,” read EA announcement.

Players will also receive updated ratings for the mode, new Icons will be added, and the chemistry system will be tweaked to make creating a team easier. Finally, for every Standard or Premium pack you purchase in FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team, you will receive the equivalent gold pack in the standard Ultimate Team mode.

Now, no standalone FIFA 18 World Cup game has been revealed. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get one, since we rarely don’t for a big international competition and EA are unlikely to ignore a money-making opportunity. Plus, it could arrive quickly after being revealed since it’s little more than a re-skin of the base FIFA 18 game. If we do get one, it’ll probably release at a similar time to the Ultimate Team add-on.

For more on the main game, check out our wiki guide.

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