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BattleTech: Where the Save Location Is


BattleTech: Where the Save Location Is

BattleTech: Where the Save Location Is

BattleTech is the latest mech-toting strategy RPG from Harebrained Schemes. It tasks players with commanding a team of BattleMechs, piloted vehicles equipped with a whole lot of firepower. There’s a rich and compelling lore spanning multiple families, ages and settings, one filled with complex political struggles and plenty of conflict. The game launched recently, and since then many players have been reporting that the game has been deleting save files, something which has them understandably angry given how dense and lengthy the game is.

We already published a guide on the save error, outlining a number of fixes that have worked for some people, including reloading the game along with other solutions. Something which has become clear about BattleTech is that its save files are not easy to find. They will be located in different folders depending on how and where you purchased the game, but we’ve gathered the likely locations for your missing save files.

For Steam users, the save data is actually stored in the user data folder. They can be found at:


Note that the final part of the sequence may be different for you, but follow the directions and you’ll be able to find the save files. For GoG users, head here:


Again, some parts may differ, but head into the AppData folder and follow the steps above to find the save files.

For other platforms and OS, they may be located in other areas such as game data, though there seems to be no consistency between them. We’ll update this guide if we uncover further details for other save file locations but until then, feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments.

We’re putting together more tips, tricks and guides as we speak, so for more on BattleTech, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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