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Surviving Mars: How to Deep Scan


Surviving Mars: How to Deep Scan

How to Deep Scan in Surviving Mars

At the start of a new game in Surviving Mars, right away you’ll be able to begin scanning new sectors of Mars in order to allow you to build in areas beyond your initial starting zone. The more your scan, the further out you can explore and the larger and more grandiose your colony can become. Scanning sectors is done by scrolling out to the Martian map (mouse scroll back on PC), and queuing up a discovered sector by left-clicking it. If you have orbital probes which are obtained from Earth resupplies, you can instantly scan a region by pressing X (PC). Later in Surviving Mars though, you’ll unlock something called Deep Scanning, which is an advanced version of the scanning you’ve been doing in the game prior. A deep scan will reveal hidden resources and anomalies that aren’t visible the naked eye.

In order to deep scan in Surviving Mars, you first need to unlock the ability to do so. Somewhere your physics research tree lies the Adapted Probes research node. Complete it, and you’ll unlock the ability to deep scan with your probes an ability which will prove very useful in the mid and later game.

Once that’s settled, go to your martian map and you’ll see that you can now deep scan by either re-scanning an area you already hit, or by using an orbital probe to instantly do the job just as it did before. Go back over areas you already hit, and see if you can take advantage of new resources and mysteries that you find hidden deep in the Martian Surface.

That does it for how to deep scan in Surviving Mars. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more Surviving Mars guides and FAQs answered. Good luck surviving out there, and build the best colony you can.

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