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Sims Mobile: How to Get Heirlooms


Sims Mobile: How to Get Heirlooms

How to Get Heirlooms in The Sims Mobile

In The Sims Mobile, heirlooms are left behind when your Sims retire. Sims age naturally as you perform actions, complete events, and gain skills in the game and upon reaching level 16, they will retire. The heirlooms left behind can be used to earn new traits, career levels, and hobbies in The Sims Mobile. There are three types to collect including common heirlooms, uncommon heirlooms and rare heirlooms. The rarity of an heirloom is determined by the Lifetime Happiness Bar of the Sim leaving it behind. You fill the bar up by achieving various life goals.

When a Sim is ready to retire, an on-screen prompt will appear giving you the option to go through with it or not. If you do choose to go through with it, you’ll find out what heirloom has been received. There are other ways to get heirlooms too, primarily by purchasing them in the store. You can also sell duplicate heirlooms in The Sims Mobile in exchange for heirloom tickets. To access your heirloom collection and store, tap the shopping bag icon on the lower right side.

The retired Sims will still hang around your lot, you just won’t have the option to control them as a playable character. The retired Sims can also mentor your other Sims to grant them career and hobby XP.

The Sims Mobile is based on The Sims 4 and The Sims Free-to-Play and brings the experience to mobile devices. You’ll create a character from scratch, build up your home, start a career, make friends and create a family. It features a higher level of character customization than any other game in the series, and also communicate and think via emojis. When each of your Sims makes a new friend, you’re given a choice as to what type of relationship it will be. From flirty to a more traditional friendship, there are multiple options to tailor the experience.

The Sims Mobile released March 6 for IOS and Android devices. You can download it here.

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