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Sea of Thieves: How to Get Chest of Sorrow


Sea of Thieves: How to Get Chest of Sorrow

Sea of Thieves: How to Get Chest of Sorrow

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed open world exploration game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft. The game tasks groups of friends with completing various quests, rewarding them with gold, XP, and reputation. Many of the quests involve the fetching of Treasure Chests which are scattered around the world. While most are your run of the mill wooden boxes, others possess interesting characteristics which make them more difficult to obtain.

One of these special chests is the Chest of Sorrow. The Chest of Sorrow will periodically start crying (hence the sorrow part) and flooding the immediate vicinity. If that vicinity happens to be your ship, then you’ve got trouble Cap’n. The chest does fetch a hefty reward on delivery though, so it’s worth the hassle. Loot is randomized in Sea of Thieves, so tracking down a specific item can be tricky. The Chest of Sorrow can be found as part of Voyage, Quests, or in Sunken Ships. It appears more regularly in more advanced quests, with higher costs, so accept these and you’ll have a better chance of success.

Once you do come across the Chest of Sorrow, there are some ways to keep it from crying and subsequently flooding your ship. Go into your menu and select your concertina or hurdy-gurdy instrument and play a slower, sadder tune. This will settle the chest, allowing you to crack on with the mission. To make sure you’re playing the right song, you can cycle through them by letting go of the play button then pressing it again. This will switch songs until you find the right one to calm the tearful treasure.

So there you have it. For more on why you should check out Sea of Thieves, click here, or check out our wiki for more tips and tricks.

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