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Sea of Thieves: How to Get a Concertina (Accordion) & What They Do


Sea of Thieves: How to Get a Concertina (Accordion) & What They Do

Sea of Thieves: How to Get a Concertina (Accordion) & What They Do

Sea of Thieves is the open world pirate game developed by Rare. The game is set to launch on March 20 and will see players teaming up to collect treasure, shoot cannons and sail the open seas. In the game, players are able to use instruments to play sea shanties together with a variety available to find and master. There are three instruments in the game, the Concertina (Accordion), the Hurdy-Gurdy and the Fiddle, with variations available for each one.

A basic version of the accordion is equipped to every new player upon starting Sea of Thieves and can be accessed via the Equipment Box on the very first island, located in front of Tom’s Shop. This store front is located in the area before you head out to reach your ship. Other versions can be purchased at Equipment Shops, see a full list of Concertina types below:

  • Sailor Concertina – Starter Concertina
  • Admiral Concertina – “Let your hair down a little and enjoy some music. Not too loudly, though.” 560 gold
  • Bilge Rat Concertina – “The Handles fell off long ago, but nothing a bit of rope and some nails haven’t fixed.” 560 gold
  • Ceremonial Admiral. 560 gold
  • Rogue Sea Dog. 560 gold
  • Royal Sovereign. 560 gold
  • Scurvy Bilge Rat. 560 gold
  • Sea Dog. 560 gold
  • Sovereign. 560 gold

To play sea shanties with the Accordion in Sea of Thieves, simply start playing in a group of friends who are also holding instruments by pressing and holding RT while you have the instrument equipped. All of the separate instruments will sync up automatically, performing a tune.

Sea of Thieves will be available as part of Xbox Game Pass day one. This means that the game will be free to download, in full, for Game Pass subscribers come March 20. Game Pass is Microsoft’s new initiative to offer all first-party titles for free on day one, for subscribers of the service.

That’s all you need to know to get an accordion and how to use it in Sea of Thieves. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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