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Sea of Thieves: How to Check Maps


Sea of Thieves: How to Check Maps

How to Check Maps in Sea of Thieves

You’ll quickly be lost in the world of Sea of Thieves without a map. There are a lot of maps in the game though, so let’s go over how to check each of them.

Each boat contains a large map on a table. On Galleons, this map is located on the middle level of the boat, directly in front of the staircase leading up to the deck. Aboard a Sloop, you will find this map at the very rear of the ship in the captain’s quarters. Just one player can use this map at a time, but all players can see what that other player is looking at in real time. The player using the map can place a waypoint all players can see using either the A button on a controller or by left clicking on PC. To erase a waypoint, place the cursor over it and press either A or left click again.

The other type of maps in Sea of Thieves are quest maps, which take the form of treasure maps, riddle maps, and bounty maps. To check these, hold the right-bumper on a controller to bring up a radial menu and use the right stick to select a map, or hold E on a PC and use the mouse to make a selection.

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