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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Equip Elite Skins


Rainbow Six Siege: How to Equip Elite Skins

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Equip Elite Skins

Rainbow Six Siege is the multiplayer tactical shooter released by Ubisoft in 2015. Since launch, the game has seen a bunch of new content, something which has steadily grown the player base over the years. It is currently in its year 3 season of content, signaling the arrival of new DLC and adjusted price points for new players. The arrival of the Outbreak DLC has brought with it another way to earn cosmetic loot, adding over 1000 items to the game.

Elite Skins are a cosmetic item obtainable via the game’s Alpha and Outbreak packs. Outbreak Packs are new randomized loot boxes which have recently arrived via the Outbreak DLC. Outbreak Packs are purchased using R6 Credits, bought using real money while Alpha Packs are obtained by playing the game and earning Renown Points. Currently, Alpha Packs cannot be purchased using real money.

Once you’ve obtained an Elite skin, you’ll probably want to equip it. To do so, select ‘Operators’ from the main menu. Next you are going to want to select the Operator for which you received the Elite Skin. Once you’ve tracked them down, you’ll be shown your Operator in full with three customization options available. If its an Elite Weapon Skin you have, select ‘Loadout’ to apply it. To change the appearance of the Operator itself, select ‘Uniform’ and select the Elite Skin.

Your Elite Skins will be instantly recognizable, seeing as they are displayed using a much larger icon as well as the ones you’ve earned, there will also be some skins shown which are available to purchase. Click the earned Elite Skin and select ‘Set as Active’. You will then be asked to confirm your Elite Skin, select yes.

Now all that’s left is to head out into a match and show off your shiny new look. For more on how to obtain Elite Skins, click here.

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