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One Hour One Life: How to Get a Well & What it Does


One Hour One Life: How to Get a Well & What it Does

How to Get a Well & What it Does in One Hour One Life

One Hour One Life is a multiplayer survival game where you and other players must work together and build a civilization from the ground up. There are plenty of activities to do, from farming to smithing, and each person usually has their own role in the community. If you’re going to be taking over the local farm in One Hour One Life, you’re going to need some water for those freshly planted carrot seeds, and a well can be incredibly helpful with this.

While there are plenty of ponds to refill your containers, you can build a well at your base instead. These structures can store water in your camp, assuming you keep it topped up from time to time. Having one in your farm saves you the trouble of having to travel, especially if there aren’t any ponds near your area. To make one, you’ll first need to collect two stones to make a stone pile. You’ll have to expand your pile by adding more stones, though most players are still trying to figure out the exact number of stones needed to make a well.

Once you’ve finally stacked enough stones in One Hour One Life, you need to use a shovel and click the pile to make a well. Add water using bowls or any other containers, and your well is all set. We’ll update this post once we find more information on wells in the game.

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