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Medieval First-Person Shooter Amid Evil Launches This Month


Medieval First-Person Shooter Amid Evil Launches This Month

New Blood Interactive’s Amid Evil looks like a throwback of the best kind, with modern mechanics melding with familiar classic gameplay that loos like it was pulled straight out of the ’90s. The same folks that brought you DUSK and the creators of Return of the Train are back with this retro-charged shooter, and it’s hitting Steam next week, March 12.

In anticipation of the game dropping next week on Steam Early Access, there’s a new Amid Evil trailer that shows off some of its classic action, which can be likened to that of games like Heretic and Hexen, both part of the golden age of PC. You’re a medieval character who can use weapons like tridents with mystical electricity and katanas that can mow through enemies with the greatest of ease. You also get a look at the new endless mode called Hordes of Evil, which has players contesting against enemy AI.

You’ll be able to play the Hordes of Evil mode in the Early Access version of the game, which will also get you three of the seven campaign episodes, which will all include different options, cheat codes, and various different enemies as well as environments to fight them in.

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