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Far Cry 5: All Songs in the Soundtrack


Far Cry 5: All Songs in the Soundtrack

All Songs in the Far Cry 5 Soundtrack

Far Cry 5 is a bit different from past games, making you take on the fanatical cult Eden’s Gate right in the United States. Montana to be exact. As such, the themes of the game are a bit different as well, and there’s a lot to do with radical Christianity. This means that much of the music in the game is gospel-themed, or country-themed to fit the backwoods Montana setting. If you happened to purchase the physical Deluxe Edition, the Father Edition, or the Hope County MT Collector’s Case, you’ll have access to the soundtrack for Far Cry 5. Luckily, Ubisoft has provided a full track list, so here’s what you can expect to get in the soundtrack. We should note, however, that if you happened to purchase the Mondo Edition of the game that comes with a Vinyl version of the soundtrack, yours will be a bit different. We’ll note what comes in that as well.

Far Cry 5 Soundtrack

01 The Resistance
02 Help Me Faith – Choir Version
03 Something Worth Protecting
04 When The World Falls Into The Flames
05 The Sinful Life
06 Free of All Desire
07 Oh the Bliss – Choir Version
08 We Will Rise – Hammock Remix
09 Plate By Plate
10 Worry and Madness
11 Let the Water Wash Away Your Sins – Hammock Remix
12 Begging For Forgiveness
13 Bold and Brave
14 The Lights Will All Go Out
15 A Prisoner No More
16 The Sky Won’t Show a Star
17 See The Rabbids Running
18 Sanctuary
19 Sunrise On The Soldiers

Far Cry 5 Mondo Edition Soundtrack

Side A
A1 – Help Me Faith
A2 – Oh John
A3 – We Will Rise
A4 – The World Is Gonna End Tonight
A5 – Let The Water Wash Away Your Sin

Side B
B1 – Oh The Bliss
B2 – Keep Your Rifle By Your Side
B3 – Set Those Sinners Free
B4 – The Resistance
B5 – Sanctuary
B6 – Something Worth Protecting
B7 – Sunrise On The Soldiers

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