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Attack on Titan 2: Can You Switch Characters?


Attack on Titan 2: Can You Switch Characters?

Can You Switch Characters in Attack on Titan 2?

Attack on Titan 2 has finally arrived, granting players the opportunity to play through the events of the anime’s second season for themselves. You’ll also get to check out some entirely new story quests along the way to ensure things aren’t too stale for hardcore fans. One of the features players had at their disposal in the last game was the ability to switch characters on their adventure. As such, many players will be wondering exactly how to do this in Attack on Titan 2 now that it’s finally arrived.

Unfortunately, in Attack on Titan 2, players don’t have the option to switch characters as they progress throughout the game. You can still create your own character at the very start of the game, or pick from one of the original characters in the anime and manga, but you can’t switch between them along the way. Once you make your decision, that’s it.

Though this may come as disappointing news to fans of the series, the good news is that you can get more clothes and outfits along the way. You might be stuck with the same character, but you’re not stuck with those threads.

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