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The Longest Five Minutes: How to Find the Bunny Girl’s Earrings


The Longest Five Minutes: How to Find the Bunny Girl’s Earrings

How to Find the Bunny Girl’s Earrings in The Longest Five Minutes

The Longest Five Minutes separates its chapters into different memories that you play through as Flash, the hero, remembers them during the final battle. Many of these memories contain optional missions you can complete, even early on in the game. One memory titled “Magma Bath From Hell” has you traveling to a hot spring town, with a couple optional objectives.

A bunny girl on the right side of the town needs your help finding her lost earrings, and its can be a bit tricky to track down. Unfortunately, they don’t appear on the map, so you just need to hit the X button when looking at a spot. If you talk to the girl again you’ll find out that the earrings are probably found next to the signs in the town.

For the first one head to the sign at the top right underneath the hot spring, just search around it by hitting X. For the second earring head to the first sign in the town, next to the little hut that says Bath. Just walk up right next to the sign, hit X, and then you’ll find it. After that simply head back to the girl, and you’ll have completed the mission.

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