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Secret of Mana: How to Beat Jabberwocky


Secret of Mana: How to Beat Jabberwocky

How to Beat Jabberwocky in Secret of Mana

Players will fight many, many bosses throughout their journey with Randi, Primm, and Popoi in the recently released Secret of Mana remake. One of these enemies is Jabberwocky, a two-headed flightless dragon that ambles around the screen, thrusting its long necks out in an attempt to take a good chomp out of you. It’s an easy boss to handle so long as you come prepared. If not, things can get out of control pretty fast.

Jabberwocky’s main attack (and arguably its most annoying one) comes in the form of its poison cloud, which looms over your party consistently throughout the battle. Always keep this in mind and watch out for each of your party members’ health bars. If any reach below 50 HP, retreat into a corner and heal. Luckily, Jabberwocky doesn’t move that fast, giving you ample opportunity to mend your team before battling again.

Use long-range weapons like the bow, whip, or boomerang to inflict damage on the dragon when it snaps its jaws at you. In combination with this, use offensive magic to keep Jabberwocky at a distance. If you find that the monster’s poison is too much to deal with, consider leveling up Cure Water beforehand by going to an inn and repeatedly using it until depletion, then going to sleep and repeating the process until it’s at least at level 2. Of course, chocolate, candy, magic walnuts, and angel grails are all pretty useful here too.

Keep chipping away at the beast as it moves its heads toward you and continue retreating into corners to heal. You should be able to land a finishing blow on Jabberwocky so long as you bide your time and remain patient.

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