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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Tropius


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Tropius

Where to Find Tropius in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has recently gotten a major new update that adds a slew of new monsters to the mix. The Generation 3 ‘mons can now be caught in the field, adding another reason to keep playing the mobile game. That said, Tropius is one of the new Pokemon you can catch. This Fruit Pokemon is a Flying/Grass type with a total of 1,846 max CP.

Tropius is actually one of the regional exclusive Pokemon, and you can only catch it in Africa, southern Spain, and Crete. Unless you’re visiting those areas, you won’t be able to find one out in the wild. Nonetheless, this monster is actually has a fairly common spawn, meaning you won’t have too much trouble locating it in said locales.

It’s worth noting that this creature doesn’t boast the best stats, with only ATK (136), DEF (165) and STA (198). Its typing makes it immune to Ground attacks, and the monster can take on both Water and Grass types with an appropriate move set. While it might not be as useful on the battlefield, its regional exclusivity makes it worth adding to your collection.

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