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Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Lunar New Year Event Starts Today


Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Lunar New Year Event Starts Today

It’s time of year again. It’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year with your favorite Overwatch heroes, with over 50 new seasonal items, 6 new skins, a new map, and the new competitive Capture the Flag mode. Looking for a reason to jump back into Overwatch other than the long list of new cosmetics? This is it.

The event begins today, Feb. 8, and will run for four weeks, during which time you’ll need to make a mad dash for the special holiday-themed loot boxes so you can grab new items and skins for six heroes and enjoy the new map Ayutthaya, which looks pretty insane.

Jeff Kaplan describes the new map Ayutthaya as such:

“One side of the map is ancient and shows some temple that’s very gorgeous. And the other side is very bright and beautiful and very modern, and we think you’ll enjoy it.”

You can see it all in the new clip released specifically for the event, showing off some particularly sweet skins for Mercy, Genji, McCree, and more. If you don’t want to hop in-game to see the skins, check out the full list of available skins here.

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