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Overwatch: All New Lunar New Year 2018 Emotes


Overwatch: All New Lunar New Year 2018 Emotes

All New Lunar New Year 2018 Emotes in Overwatch

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Overwatch is holding its second annual Lunar Year Event with tons of new content only available from Feb. 8 – Mar. 5. A new map Ayutthaya has been released for capture the flag, and even a new competitive CTF arcade mode is available for those who want to earn a few competitive points while grinding for those arcade loot boxes.

Of course, the biggest draw is the 50+ new cosmetic items joining all of the 120+ items released last year at a now reduced cost. There are six new skins along with the 13 from 2017, a new highlight intro, sprays, player icons, and finally two new emotes for both Roadhog and Doomfist as well.

Last year we got an emote for D.Va showing her take a beautiful bow in her mech, a super excited one for Mei as she keep up her usual aura of optimism while shaking her fists in the air, and finally one for the pyromaniac Junkrat who attempts to light a firework only for it to pause to launch just before he points it at his own face.

Roadhog’s also follows this light-hearted theme, showing off a soft side to the arguably toughest looking Overwatch character by having him squeeze and giggle at a squishy Pachimari doll and quickly tuck it back into his pocket. The emote is entitled Secret Friend and could can get in it Lunar Loot Boxes or purchase it for 750 credits.

The second is a more tough-guy emote for Doomfist, who pulls a rock from the ground with his bare hands and crushes it like it was nothing. Entitled “Crushing”, it fits in with his personality of rugged criminal combatant rather nicely and is also only available through Lunar New Year boxes or for 750 in-game credits.

Make sure to pick up as many items as you can before the Lunar New Year event ends on Mar. 5.

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