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My Time at Portia: How to Make a Stone Furnace


My Time at Portia: How to Make a Stone Furnace

How to Make a Stone Furnace in My Time at Portia

One of the things you’ll need to do early on in My Time at Portia is make a stone furnace. The only problem is, it requires you to use the Assembly Station, and this can be a little bit confusing as the in-game instructions are a little vague. To do this, you’ll need to make sure you have ample stone and wood, so if you’re running low or don’t have any at all, make sure you stock up before going much further.

You’ll need 10 wood and 10 stone to build a stone furnace, so now that you have a pickaxe and simple axe, get to work tackling those stray bushes or small rocks littered nearby your workshop. Once you’ve got these, it’s time to head to the Assembly Station, which is the wooden platform just next to your workbench. Use E to interact with the handbook (A if you’re using an Xbox One controller) on the pedestal just to the right of the little ramp. Now, you’ll need to use the arrows to turn to the next page (right stick for you Xbox One controller users), and then select the ‘Build’ option (left on the d-pad) at the top of the screen to select the stone furnace.

This should then place a transparent frame of the stone furnace on the assembly station. There are two parts to it you’ll need to construct. The wooden trough requires 10 wood, and you can simply walk over to it, make sure you have your gathered wood selected, and then use the LMB (X) to build the wooden trough.

Next up for your stone furnace in My Time at Portia is the Stone Chamber. This is actually constructed by heading over to your worktable and crafting the Stone Stool from the Parts menu. As long as you’ve got the 10 stone required, you can build this. Now, simply take it to the Assembly Station, ensure it’s equipped from your inventory, and then use LMB (X) to drop it into place. The stone furnace will now be constructed and can be picked up and added to your inventory.

That’s all you need to know to make a stone furnace in My Time at Portia. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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