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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Kirin Easily


Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Kirin Easily

How to Beat Kirin Easily in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is home to many terrifying beasts, each with their own deadly skills and abilities. Those who take on missions unprepared will regret doing so once the fight begins, especially if they are up against some of the more deadlier creatures in the game. One monster, the Kirin, is a majestic beast that can make quick work of any hunter with its dangerous lightning blight.

While it might look harmless, the Kirin is a deadly opponent that can conjure lightning at will. During the fight, you should avoid any incoming lightning strikes and punish it afterward, aiming for the head or horn. If you’re having trouble trying to pin it down, consider bringing any items or weapons that can cause the sleep ailment. This will give you a few seconds to score a few hits, but be on your guard once it’s up and running again. You should also bring any fire, water, or ice-charged weapons with you for the fight, as the Kirin is weak against those elements.

The Kirin is only one of the many formidable beasts you can hunt in Monster Hunter World. For any other tips and tricks on the game, make sure to check out our nifty wiki.

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