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Metal Gear Survive: How to Sprint


Metal Gear Survive: How to Sprint

How to Sprint in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive takes a departure from the Metal Gear series in more ways than just one. Combat is much more action-packed and you’ll constantly be on your toes, running around from place to place in an effort to not only dodge incoming zombie hordes, but to make sure that your last beacon for salvation is out of harm’s way. In order to get to the objectives you need to go faster, you’ll definitely need to know how to sprint.

Luckily, memorizing how to move faster is easy. All you need to do to sprint in Metal Gear Survive is press down on the left stick or press L3, depending on whether you’re using an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. Whenever you do decide it the best time to run to where you need to go, always look out for your stamina gauge. This will deplete the more you sprint or perform melee attacks, so limit your usage of each ability until you find them absolutely necessary.

If you’re in a pickle and have used up all your stamina, find some water to remedy that. This’ll help satiate your thirst too, thus killing two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply for hunger in Metal Gear Survive – you’ll need to find some actual food for that one.

That’s all you need to know about how to sprint in Metal Gear Survive. Be sure to check out our wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides for Metal Gear Survive.

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