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Metal Gear Survive: Is There a Co-op Campaign?


Metal Gear Survive: Is There a Co-op Campaign?

Is There a Co-op Campaign in Metal Gear Survive?

Metal Gear Survive is the latest entry in Konami’s action-adventure series. Here, players will take the role of a Survivor and play through the campaign while trying to find resources to stay alive. On top of that, you’ll also have to fight terrifying monsters sprawling through the wasteland.

While the game does have multiplayer, some fans might be wondering if they can play through the main campaign with others. Unfortunately, you cannot play through the story with your friends, be it local or even online multiplayer. The campaign is completely solo, and you can only play with friends in the multiplayer co-op section of the game. In spite of this, the game still heavily relies on online connectivity, evident by the fact that you are required to be connected to the internet to play it at all.

Similarly, there are several salvage missions you can take on with your friends. This feature is unlocked from the start, although we advise that you play through the campaign before trying to tackle the said mode.

Despite the lack of a multiplayer campaign mode, there are still plenty of things to do on your own. Survive the wasteland by finding new warp points, hunting for food, and looking for new weapons. For tips and tricks on Metal Gear Survive, make sure to check out our nifty wiki!

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