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Metal Gear Survive: How to Get Resources Fast


Metal Gear Survive: How to Get Resources Fast

How to Get Resources Fast in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive may be a game about shooting tons of zombies, but there’s a fairly heavy focus on the survival aspect, too. Alongside managing your hunger and thirst levels in Metal Gear Survive, you’ll need to scour your environments to get resources in order to craft an array of weapons, traps, and other gadgets that’ll help you fight back the waves of undead. Problem is, you don’t have many resources at all when you first start out in Metal Gear Survive, so here’s how to get resources fast and easily in the game.

Before you do anything else in Metal Gear Survive, head straight to the Assignments circle and select any of the solo salvage missions available to you. You want to do this on your own, rather than joining a game with strangers. That’s because rather than shooting the zombies coming towards your base, you’re instead going to just sprint around and grab as many resources as you can see. Doesn’t matter what it is, grab it and move on.

While you’re doing this, you’ll probably get warnings on the screen informing you that the wormhole generator is under attack. Ignore it. You’re only playing these solo salvage missions to get yourself those crafting materials, and whether you pass or fail the mission, you’ll still get to take everything you pick up with you. As such, rinse and repeat this process as much as you need until you’ve got a healthy supply of resources to work with in Metal Gear Survive.

Of course, you can always do this with friends by inviting them in as well, but then you’re sharing those resources and materials on the map with other people. You can get a ton more quickly if you just spend an hour on Metal Gear Survive just farming these salvage missions for resources.

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