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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Pestilence Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Pestilence Quest Guide

Pestilence Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The main quest-line in Kingdom Come Deliverance takes you on a revenge-fuelled romp around the Kingdom of Bohemia to track down the villainous Sir Markvart von Aulitz. There are also a handful of interesting side quests to keep you busy. Pestilence is a side quest which tasks the player with helping to cure the village of Merhojed from a formidable plague. You will unlock it during the main ‘Questions and Answers’ quest.

This quest requires you to take a look at the books presented to you and work out a diagnosis for the plague which is affecting the village. Doing this will help you synthesize a cure. Due to the book-heavy nature of this objective, it is vital that Henry be literate (for a guide on how to learn how to read, click here). It is also recommended that you have some alchemy experience, too.

During the mission, you will find out that the plague started to affect the village animals after the raid. By speaking to villagers located in five houses marked by white crosses, you can determine the symptoms of the disease. The disease quickly crossed over to humans and produces symptoms such as Chronic stomach pain, vomiting, shaking, fevers, and diarrhea. One of the afflicted will ask you to help bury her husband, which you can do if you’d like though it is entirely optional, and she will give you information you need.

From here you will want to head to the monastery in Sasau and speak to Johanka who will send you off to talk to brother Nicodemus. He is also located at the monastery so speak to him and choose the following dialogue options:

  • There’s a plague outbreak in Merhojed
  • Intriguing, it’s horrible! (this choice doesn’t matter)
  • About half the village
  • All the animals
  • I know

This is where Henry’s literacy comes into play. Telling Brother Nicodemus that you can read triggers the next objective. Telling him you can’t read however will cause Nicodemus to go away and research the disease for one whole day, leading to several deaths in the village.

By using the process of elimination and reading the books, you can work out which disease is the culprit. Gas poisoning can be eliminated, as can Diphtheria as it does not affect animals. It’s also not the common plague due to the different symptoms, and dysentery can be ruled out because humans would have gotten it first. Delirium is not a symptom here, so Saint Vitas Dance can also be tossed.

This leads us to the one true culprit: poisoned water. With the right diagnosis, go speak to Brother Nicodemus and hand over 1x charcoal, 1x Valerian herb, and 2x Thistle herb, he will then give you the cure to hand out to the afflicted. It’s worth noting here that if you have some skill in alchemy you can choose to brew the potion yourself which will lead to no lives lost, triggering the Plague Doctor achievement.

 For more tips and guides on Kingdom Come Deliverance, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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