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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Mysterious Ways Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Mysterious Ways Quest Guide

Mysterious Ways Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Mysterious Ways is the tenth main quest you’ll come across in your time with Kingdom Come Deliverance and can be completed in more than one way, depending on which you feel more comfortable with. Once you begin, your first task will be to track down Limpy Lubosh in Uzhitz. Head to that town and go its tavern to speak with some of its residents and learn where Limpy’s house is. Once you get the information you need, follow a big mob of people to reach his residency.

An even bigger group will be standing right by Limpy’s door once you turn the corner. Speak to the bailiff and head inside to discover Lubosh’s bloodied, dead body on the floor. When you venture outside again, the bailiff will direct you to go see a priest named Godwin inside the town’s church. Go there and confront the holy man. Surprisingly, he’ll tell you to meet him later on in the day by the tavern. What an interesting guy.

Speak with Godwin again inside the tavern in an effort to gain his trust. You’ll have to answer the priest’s questions as truthfully as you can, lest he end the conversation prematurely. If all goes according to plan, you’ll have two paths in which to choose from. You can either tell him you’re in the mood to drink, or say you’ll pass on the alcohol for today.

If you choose the former option, you’ll eventually hook up with a bar wench and have a pretty crazy night. The next morning, however, you’ll have to perform a sermon in the priest’s stead. Follow him closely to the church and use the following dialogue order to complete the quest:

  • Begin the sermon.
  • We are commanded to reject dissolute priests.
  • Continue harshly.
  • To sin is human.
  • Continue harshly.
  • Use any quote.

If you instead choose to pass on all the debauchery the night has to offer and not partake in booze with the priest, you’ll have to go back to the bailiff from earlier. He can usually be found by the scribe’s house, though he tends to walk around a bit. If you’re having trouble locating him, look for a red head piece floating in the crowd.

Once you do find the bailiff, he’ll direct you to the scribe in Rattay. Go to this town and find the man just above where the armor-smith is located. Speak with him and he’ll task you with finding some Embrocation, which can easily be bought at the apothecary for 40 Groschen. Take this back to the scribe to finally end the quest and complete Mysterious Ways.

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