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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get the Devil Skull


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get the Devil Skull

How to Get the Devil Skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance

As you’d expect from an open world RPG, Kingdom Come Deliverance has a wealth of content to keep you busy. Apart from its gripping main campaign, many of the NPCs you’ll meet along the way have optional side quests that feature their own interesting narratives. One such quest is called House of God, and it’s issued by Sir Divish from Talmberg. Taking this quest will send you westward toward the Monastery north of Sassau with the task of bringing its monks back onside with Sir Divish (they’re reneging on their agreements with him). It’s a fairly straightforward affair for the most part, but there is one item you’ll need to recover that is particularly difficult to locate: Leshek’s Devil Skull.

Having spoken with Leshek the Scaffolder at the Monastery, he’ll claim to have found a demon’s skull during the excavation of the foundations. You’ll need to find it, of course, but where is this pesky skull? The map will provide some clue – a general area in which to look, but it’s very well hidden along the river bank and not easy to find at all.

If you open your map, you’ll see the area by the river near the monastery marked in yellow. That’s where the skull is, at least approximately. If you’re not interested in finely combing the area, just go down to the river and jump into the water.

Look for a patch of grass hanging above the river, the soil beneath it washed away by the water. It’s right by the small wooden pier. The skull will be underneath it.

You should be all set to find that Devil Skull. For more useful information and guides on Kingdom Come Deliverance, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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