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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Open Your Map


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Open Your Map

How to Open Your Map in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9’s map is huge and features a variety of areas for you to explore, each of which has a different terrain. You’ll come across snowy mountain areas, a huge river, and expansive cities, each of which you’ll want to look around. As you do so, however, you’ll want to check the map to understand where exactly you are, and where you can travel to quickly.

To open your map in Dynasty Warriors 9, you need to press the menu or options button, depending on which platform you are playing on. Doing so will bring the map up and you’ll be able to navigate it to look at any of the marked points.

Also, accessing the world map will also allow you to fast travel between certain points you’ve previously uncovered and interacted with on your adventure, which will make exploring the huge map more accessible. It is clear which points you can fast travel between, as when you hover over a location marker, it will say whether or not you can fast travel to it.

That is all you need to know about how to open the map in Dynasty Warriors 9. For more on Dynasty Warriors 9, check out our wiki.

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