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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Decorate Your Hideaway House


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Decorate Your Hideaway House

How to Decorate and Furnish Your Hideaway House in Dynasty Warriors 9

In Dynasty Warriors 9, you can finally live that home owner lifestyle. Alas, players can get down to what we’ve really always wanted to do: interior decoration. You’re able to purchase hideaways which effectively act as a house. Each one you buy can of course be decorated with furniture, and some of it even provides practical uses.

First, you’re going to want to have a hideaway in Dynasty Warriors 9. Once you’ve purchased one, you’re going to want to buy furniture. An expensive endeavor, I know. Once you buy some furniture at either a Trader or Coin Collector in a major city, you need to then head back to your house. Once there, walk inside and press Triangle if you’re on PS4 or Y if you’re on Xbox One. You’ll see a bunch of options, and you’re going to want to select the Arrange Furniture one.

Here, you’ll be able to place what you’ve bought where ever you want in the house. Keep in mind that some items do provide benefits, as I said. The bed will let you advance time, a stove lets you cook, a pot lets you craft, a storage chest will collect gifts officers send you, and more. Try out different designs and combinations!

That’s all you need to know to decorate and furnish your hideaway house in Dynasty Warriors 9. For more on Dynasty Warriors 9, check out our wiki.

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