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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Auto Run


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Auto Run

How to Auto Run in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 promises players tons of content. This is normal for the series, but never before has the map been this vast. With it being an open world now, you’re going to want to know how to get around feudal China fast. Well, luckily, Dynasty Warriors 9 has an auto run system in case you wanted to grab a drink while making your way over to a new place. Here’s how to use it.

When you have a quest or location targeted as your primary objective, you’ll see blue arrows running along the ground towards it. Usually, this will follow a set path. You can then press LT or L2 in order to have your character automatically follow it. You can do this both while on foot and on a horse.

Note that this way may take a longer route as it won’t cut through any forests or anything like that, but it’s very useful if you have something else to do while you’re making your way to an objective. Or, you know, you could just fast travel to it, of course.

That’s all there is to auto running in Dynasty Warriors 9! If you need any more help with the game, let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help.

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