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Top 30 Best Anime of 2018 You Must Watch Right Now


Top 30 Best Anime of 2018 You Must Watch Right Now

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Violet Evergarden

 Best Anime of 2018 You Must Watch Right Now

Violet Evergarden’s charm doesn’t rely much on words. It’s a soft-spoken show that lets its animation and art style consume you instead. Protagonist Violet bears little to no clue as to how to interact act with the world around her now that a long war has finally ended. She knows nothing but pain and suffering, yet her universe almost always tells her that there’s much more to life than that, as it’s hard not to notice the beautiful sun gleaming through the window of the post office and the marvelous waves of water that push by feet walking on the sand.

It’s a show that certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s pacing is very slow and deliberate, and Violet can sometimes feel as if she lacks too much heart, despite being a robot. The supporting cast and overarching story feel bland and generic from the outset, though once viewers get past episode 3, they’ll definitely see the show pick up the pace. You won’t find the spectacle of Attack of Titan or Gurren Lagann in Violet Evergarden, but the thrill of seeing something come to life before your eyes is definitely there.

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