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They Are Billions: How to Get the Lookout Tower


They Are Billions: How to Get the Lookout Tower

How to Get the Lookout Tower in They Are Billions on PC

They Are Billions features tons of zombies, naturally, with a title like that. You are going to be going up against so many of them, that you’re going to want to build walls to protect your colony. But how will you shoot them before they knock down your wooden defenses? With a lookout tower, of course! Here’s how to build them in They Are Billions.

They’re best when used in conjunction with your walls. You can place them right in between them, making it a part of the wall, or you can put them right before or after the wall. They not only help units that are placed there with defense, but they also increase their vision on the field. Archers are perfect for it, since they’ll be able to shoot very far distances when positioned on one.

When you want to place some towers for yourself, go to the Defense build section, which has a sort of castle looking icon. Once there, you’ll see walls, gates, and the lookout tower itself. The wooden one (the first one you can build) will cost you 10 wood and 120 gold.

Make sure to cover any blindspots and instruct units to stand on it, and you’ll see your defenses bolster.

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