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Nintendo Labo: What the Release Date Is


Nintendo Labo: What the Release Date Is

What the Nintendo Labo Release Date Is

Nintendo last night officially announced Nintendo Labo, a new line of “play and build” experiences. Labo is all about making awesome little creations out of cardboard, before attaching your Joy-Con controllers to bring them to life, so to speak. For example, in the trailer, we see a cardboard piano actually playing music, a fishing pole interacting with a game on the Switch’s display, and a massive robot suit, too. While we’re still waiting on confirmation of a few details, we do know for sure what the release date is for Nintendo Labo.

The release date for Labo is different depending on where you are around the world. For those in North America, you can already preorder either the Variety Kit or Robot Kit to arrive on its April 20 release date. If you’re based in Europe, however, you’ll have to wait an extra week until April 27 before you can join in on all the cardboard-folding fun.

The price of Nintendo Labo depends on which of the two different ‘kits’ you opt to pick up. The Toy-Con Variety Kit will set you back $69.99, while the Toy-Con Robot Kit comes in a tad more expensive at $79.99. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for both kits here.

For more on Nintendo Labo, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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