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Need for Speed Payback: How to Get Speed Points


Need for Speed Payback: How to Get Speed Points

How to Get Speed Points in Need for Speed Payback

Upgrading your cars to match the level required for each race is a vital part of Need for Speed Payback. Whether you upgrade using Speed Cards obtained using Part Tokens or in-game dollars, opening Shipments are extremely useful. While you can get Shipments for free by completing challenges or upgrading your Reputation level, you can also buy more using Speed Points. However, there is only one way to get Speed Points in Need for Speed Payback.

That one way is by using your hard earned, real-world money. Speed Points come in packages of differing prices. The smallest bundle is 250 points, which costs $2.49, and the largest is 5850 points for $49.99, with four other sized bundles in between. They can be bought from the in-game store, which is accessed from the game’s pause menu, or via your platform’s specific store.

Those Speed Points you have bought can be used to purchase standard or premium Shipments, which are Need for Speed Payback’s version of loot boxes. Those Shipments can contain Part Tokens which can be used to spin for new Speed Cards, cash that can be used to purchase Speed Cards, and vanity items such as colored tire smoke or novelty horns. Essentially, buying points grants you items to get more Speed Cards and, in turn, upgrade your cars.

That is how you get Speed Points in Need for Speed Payback. For more tips and tricks, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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