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Monster Hunter World: How to Zoom In and Out of Map


Monster Hunter World: How to Zoom In and Out of Map

How to Zoom In and Out of Map in Monster Hunter World

As one would probably expect, Monster Hunter World will encourage exploration more than any other Monster Hunter game before it. Teaser videos and preview trailers have already started to showcase gorgeous environments, epic monster battles, and tons of ways to use your environment to enrich your gameplay experience. While these things aren’t new to the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World is certainly poised to drastically elevate these elements. With exploration and adventure being key selling features for Monster Hunter World, you can probably imagine how important it will be to make great use of your map. While making your way through the game you will want to refer to and zoom in and out of your map in order to decide where your next destination should be.

Zooming in and out on your map will allow you to control how many details you want to see on the map at the time and it’s incredibly easy to do. Start with opening your map by pressing the touchpad on the PS4 or the back button on Xbox One. Once you have your map open you can use R2/RT to zoom in and L2/LT to zoom out.

That’s literally all you need to know to zoom in and out of your map in Monster Hunter World. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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