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Monster Hunter World: How to Track a Monster


Monster Hunter World: How to Track a Monster

How to Track a Monster in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World allows you as the player the chance to track down monsters that are many times bigger than you are yourself. A beautiful open-world invites series veterans and newcomers alike the opportunity to join in on all the hunting to be had, though one may be wondering how exactly to go about tracking down these beasts.

In order to complete missions and slaughter the creatures your contracts demand of you in Monster Hunter World, you’ll first need to keep an eye out for large monster footprints hidden in the world around you. Should you come across anything that may lead to a foe in wait, your scoutflies will track the trail and lead you to more traces of the monster. Follow the flies sparkling trail and you should soon track the monster you’re looking for.

Should you be looking for a monster in a specific area in Monster Hunter World, you can get your scoutflies to focus in on the plain you designate by first pressing the touchpad or back button on your remote controller to open up the wildlife map. After doing this, highlight the area you would like to target by pressing R3. This will set it as a waypoint so you won’t have to constantly go back to the map to find out if you’re going in the right direction.

Keep in mind that while Monster Hunter World does offer a wide array of neat tools and mechanics to help you track monsters more easily, finding the beasts on your own is very much part of the experience. Indeed, some tracks may very well take you in an unexpected direction and introduce you to an encounter you didn’t see coming with a monster that may not necessarily be the one you’re looking for.

That’s all you need to know to track monsters roaming the world. Be sure to check out our wiki for more information on Monster Hunter World.

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