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Monster Hunter World: How to Roll and Dodge


Monster Hunter World: How to Roll and Dodge

Get those i-frames in.

How to Roll and Dodge in Monster Hunter World

As you start going on your quest to take down various beasts in Monster Hunter World, you’ll need to know how to move around them in combat if you want to survive these deadly encounters. This is where the game’s rolling and dodging mechanics comes in. Depending on the type of weapon you have equipped, your movement speed will vary. This means that it can be difficult for you to simply move out of the way of a monster’s attack. When you’re about to get hit hard, you’ll want to roll out of the way to dodge the attack.

To do this in Monster Hunter World, simply tap the X button while tilting the analog stick in any direction on PS4 (or the A button if you’re on Xbox One) and your character will roll in that particular direction. You do get a small amount of i-frames whenever you roll, so you will be able to avoid damage completely if you time it right. For those unfamiliar with i-frames, these are also known as Invincibility Frames and are the brief moment during a character animation where all incoming damage is negated. Time your roll or dodge right, therefore, and incoming attacks won’t give your health bar a beating. We also recommend rolling away from the monster if you need to create some distance, as this is much faster and convenient to pull off than putting your weapon away and sprinting.

Do note that this will consume stamina, so be careful not to tire yourself out.

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