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Escapists 2 Switch: Does it Have Splitscreen Multiplayer & Co-Op?


Escapists 2 Switch: Does it Have Splitscreen Multiplayer & Co-Op?

Does The Escapists 2 on Nintendo Switch Have Splitscreen Co-Op and Multiplayer?

The Nintendo Switch has managed to collate a pretty awesome selection of indie titles within its first year on the market (and there’s still time to go). One of those is Team17’s The Escapists 2, which tasks players with breaking out of the toughest prisons in the world. All sounds like fun and games, but you’ll need to be a real strategist if you’re going to make it out alive. Breaking out of prison alone is okay and all, but everything’s more fun if you do it with a friend. Here’s what you need to know about The Escapists 2’s splitscreen co-op and multiplayer options on the Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately for us Switch owners, The Escapists 2 has both co-op and versus multiplayer modes in splitscreen. Players can take one Joy-Con each, or if you have a Pro controller, you can each have a full-sized controller.

The co-op option, as you’d expect, will have both players working together to try and break out, while the versus mode pits them against one another to see who can break out first. The latter option is definitely the one you’ll want to try with friends who claim they have the best escape method. Just make them put it to the test against yours!

It’s worth noting, however, that in the splitscreen mode on the Switch, you won’t be able to play the four-player online co-op mode. You’ll be limited to just the two players in splitscreen mode.

For more on The Escapists 2 on Switch, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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