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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Win a Match


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Win a Match

How do you win?

How to Win a Match in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The victory conditions for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT might be confusing for beginners as it brings the series’ complexities in a 3v3 fighting game. However, it basically boils down to hitting enemies with the right attacks until they get knocked out.

At the start of every regular match, each team has a total of three lives. This is a shared life pool, meaning you can incapacitating an opponent multiple times to win the match. With this, you can keep on knocking out the lowest-skilled player on the enemy team to achieve victory.

What makes Dissidia Final Fantasy NT complicated is its Bravery and HP system. In a nutshell, Bravery is the value of the attack damage you’ll inflict on the enemy upon striking them with an HP attack. Bravery is more like a seesaw in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, as landing Bravery attacks (X button) will increase your Bravery while your opponent’s decreases.

Meanwhile, striking enemies with HP attacks will reset your Bravery points to zero. This means you should decide whether if it’s best for you to go all out and knock an enemy with one swift HP attack or take them down slowly but surely.

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