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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How to Find All Tricolor Rock Locations


Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How to Find All Tricolor Rock Locations

How to Find All Tricolor Rock Locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Tricolor Rocks are an item you’ll need for a sidequest you can start in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The sidequest in question is called True Colors and you’ll be able to start it once you get to Fonsa Myma, the capital of the Kingdom of Uraya in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Once in the city, go to the commercial district and climb up the tower in the southern part of it to find the painter Dobran. Simply talk to her and start the quest. Now, it’ll require you to collect four pieces of Crustip Chitlin and six Tricolor Rocks.

The Crustip Chitlin is easy enough to get, as the quest will mark the location of Krim Crustips on your map to help you out. Tricolor Rocks on the other hand aren’t as easy to get, as the only tip you get is to search around rocks. Realistically, you can get Tricolor Rocks from any harvest point in Uraya that’s on rocks, but the chances are small as they’re a fairly rare item. There is one location, however, that seems to yield more than anywhere else. Head to the Stone Gate Ruins in the Southwest of the Stomach area. Head South from there and look for a plateau on the right side. You’ll see a harvest point on an outcropping, so just head there and use that. Now, just simply teleport back to the Stone Gate Ruins and head back to the harvest point, where it will have respawned. Just do this as many times as you need to, and it shouldn’t take you too long to get your hands on six Tricolor Rocks.

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