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How Much Is an Xbox 360 Controller


How Much Is an Xbox 360 Controller

How Much An Xbox 360 Controller Is

If you just got an Xbox 360 and want to pick up some additional controllers, you’re in luck. It’s been a few years since gaming welcomed the Xbox One, and thus the Xbox 360 controller, the older model, is a lot cheaper than it used to be. You can pick up some great deals on Xbox 360 controllers nowadays in comparison to when they first made the scene, so if you want to collect a few for when friends come over or if you just want some variety in your life, there are plenty of options for you.

A first-party Xbox 360 wireless controller runs for about $39.95 brand new at retailers like Walmart and GameStop. If you don’t need a brand new controller, you can typically get first-party Xbox 360 controllers for $5 to $10 less than their new pricing. This pricing spectrum appears to be about the same across the board, especially if you want to ensure quality by purchasing the official Microsoft brand.

There are several licensed controllers that make great options as well, with wireless versions available from those makers. Brands like PDP make great wired controllers like the colorful Rock Candy series, which comes in all different colors and features colorful, translucent packaging. They range from $15 to $20 on Amazon, as do similar manufacturers with comparable options.

It all comes down to what type of Xbox 360 controller you want to purchase. If you want a “real” and first-party controller you will end up paying more for the privilege and quality. If you don’t mind a wired controller or third-party version, you can pick up controllers for a considerably less amount of money. Keep an eye out for retailer sales as well, and used game stores, as they often run sales on peripherals and equipment that could save you big bucks on this older type of controller.

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