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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Is Getting an Open Beta Next Year

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Noctis

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Is Getting an Open Beta Next Year

Another chance to try it out.

Square Enix has announced that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be getting an open beta next year. Those who weren’t able to try the closed beta earlier last year now have the chance to test out the game. They will share more details about the open beta at a later date, but here are some of the new modes coming to the Japan open beta next year.

    • Class Match – Play 3v3 fights against other people online. You can choose to play with two AI-controlled characters or two other friends as your allies.
    • Rush Battle – Play 3v3 party battles against the AI. This seems to be a great mode to hone your skills before Class Match.
    • Customize Adjust various elements ranging from symbol chats, skins, EX skills, and more.
    • Story – Learn more about the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT story through unlockable cutscenes. You can unlock more of the story by raising your P.LV.

Take note that these features have yet to be confirmed for the upcoming international beta. The upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta is slated to run from Jan. 12-21. The game, on the other hand, will release on Jan. 30 for the PS4.


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